Commerce City "We need to be sure that we are not left behind in ED..."

Commerce City "We need to be sure that we are not left behind in ED..."
Will we ever see Development @ the Prairie Gateway site in Commerce City, CO??? It has been years since the Commerce City Civic Center and Rapids stadium have been built and still no economic development. I guess patience is really a virtue.

The National Western Stock Show Relocation Update...

The National Western Stock Show Executive Committee has been researching options for relocation or rebuilding on our current site for more than ten years and we will stay focused on working to find the right solution for the long term success of the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo.

Here’s a brief recap of where we are and how we got here. As the process continues, updates will be posted. In 2001, NWSS undertook a long range planning process to insure it could remain competitive for the next 100 years. Contributing to the decision to study long range planning options was the information that I-70 could be moved and possibly force NWSS to relocate.
  • Competitors nationwide were studied including Ft. Worth, Calgary, Louisville, Houston and Oklahoma City, among others
  • Current Site at I-70 and Brighton was studied
Facilities are physically and functionally obsolete95 acres, with likely encroachments from I-70, North Metro Corridor and River North Greenway plan
Bisected by BNSF and Denver Rock Island rail lines
Insufficient and dysfunctional parking on or near site
Handshake agreement with neighbors not to expand East of Brighton Blvd.
  • Key Elements Necessary to Remain Competitive
New 10,000 seat Stadium to host Rodeos and year round events
New 3500-5000 seat Event Center to host horse shows and year round events
New Livestock Hall to show cattle and do year round trade and consumer shows
18,000 parking spaces to accommodate consumers, including RV parking
It was concluded, to remain competitive, 300+ acres would be needed

In 2007, a Civitas study examined the possibility of re-building on the existing site and found:
  • It would require an assemblage of property not owned by NWSS to get to 300+ acres
  • Eminent domain has not been an available tool under past or current city administrations
  • The costs of demolition, property acquisition and a schedule of new construction of new facilities over about a ten year period (with inflation) would be an estimated $100 million more than if NWSS relocated to a new site
In 2008, the National Western Executive Committee created a Strategic Task Force with 16 of Denver’s top leaders to study:
  • Opportunities, challenges and constraints that would influence the development and operation of National Western as we go into our second century of operation.
  • A plan for a location that matches the vision, mission, and values of the National Western.
  • The most feasible alternatives for financing
  • Should National Western use partnering to execute the task force’s recommendation?
  • The findings of the study confirmed staying on the current site was not an option 300+ acres are needed $100 million dollars more would be needed to rebuild at I-70 and Brighton Blvd vs. moving to a Greenfield site.
NWSS then began, with the City and County of Denver (CCD), a search to identify potential sites in Denver
  • Sites were toured and studied, including Stapleton and 6 potential DIA owned sites.
  • All failed due to various factors including required FAA processes and land owners plans for different tenants to occupy their development
  • Current site was chosen after exhausting Denver options for 300+ acres
  • Synergies with Business Alliance partner Gaylord Entertainment make this site ideal for the long term success of NWSS.
  • Gaylord and NWSS will have shared parking creating a cost savings to NWSS
  • NWSS will use the Gaylord Expo Hall for Stock Show, saving $50-75 Million
  • Complex shows from Feb-December will be cross marketed to Gaylord Hotel guests
  • Shared catering services are possible
  • Gaylord owns the Grand Old Opry and music acts can travel West to play our facilities
Together, our site will become the center of Western Culture of the U.S.

The Next Steps in this long process of approval are as follows:
  • Mayor Michael B. Hancock has requested that National Western provide business, facilities and financing plans regarding our current and future needs for a number of site alternatives. Mayor Hancock and Stock Show leadership did not set an artificial deadline for Stock Show’s response, but agreed to continue to work together to make sure all of the questions are answered.
  • NWSS has begun meeting regularly with the Mayor’s staff on the business plan.
  • NWSS will continue to meet with various committees to educate the community on the current and future needs as this process continues.